GS:V in 36 Hours

This past weekend, the Institute of Brazilian Studies at the University of São Paulo hosted a 36-hour, continuous reading of Grande Sertão: Veredas, intended to span from cover to cover. We’ll soon find out how it went (photos and a report to follow within the next week or so).

The Guimarães Rosa Workshop at the University of São Paulo hosts a weekly series of encounters, entitled Roda de Leitura, which center around the work of João Guimarães Rosa, especially those texts filed in the university’s special collections of the author’s work.

According to the blog’s announcement, the event, for those who had read the novel, was an opportunity to revive the memory of Guimarães Rosa & gain new insights, while, for those who had not read the novel, the event aimed to serve as a first encounter with a new Travessia (the last word in GS:V, “Crossing”).  The event included academic debates, film screenings, storytelling, art exhibits, and took take place at Av. Mello Moraes, Lane 8, 140, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo. It began at 10 AM on Saturday, May 22nd, and ran till 10 PM on Sunday, May 23rd.


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