Ler as palavras de João Guimarães Rosa

Today, for the first time, I read a passage from Grande Sertão: Veredas. In Portuguese, I mean. Ergo the paucity of posts: I’ve been taking Portuguese courses at UCSD.We’re nine weeks in. So while my work on the A MISSING BOOK project has not manifested itself here, it continues on each day as I learn the language. And so back to the beginning: I’ve read the words of João Guimarães Rosa. I can say that now! Ilana Gorban of flamingofeather once told me reading a page out of Grande Sertão: Veredas is like running up a hill only to find another hill. I know I don’t know how difficult the path is ahead, but I see it. I set out.

Travessia (Steps)


3 thoughts on “Ler as palavras de João Guimarães Rosa

  1. Felipe,
    Welcome to the Sertão. If I could make a suggestion: start with The Third Bank of the River or A hora e a vez de Augusto Matraga from Sagarana. They’re first rate stories and easier to read, besides being relatively short.

  2. It’s pretty good know that this incredible story is being read abroad. I’m planning to write an essay about the english translation of Grande Sertão: veredas, and your interest in this book inspire me much more.

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